CPE course
Writing&Speaking with Ashley!
1st lesson. Writing. Formal letter.
Lesson timelines:

0:08 - how to use docs in the google disc folder before and during the class
2:11 - how to do the 1st task
4:28 - 1st task in breakout rooms - proofreading of the sent before the class writings
23:38 - Ashley's feedback on all the corrections

Language or error corrections that come up during the lesson. 3 key points.
While and simply conjoins two (or more) expressions, as well as places unequal emphasis on the two expressions — the expression preceding as well as carries a stronger emphasis than the expression following it.
  1. English likes things in threes
  2. English likes these three things to be packaged in a similar/identical way
I like pizza, drinking coffee and to go to the cinema.
I like eating pizza, drinking coffee and going to the cinema. [ok]
I like eating pizza, drinking coffee, and going to the cinema. [Oxford comma]
ARTICLE USAGE [Tricky for RU L1s]
I would like to express my views regarding your recent article about the play behavior of a Canadian Eskimo dog and a polar bear. [specific → article]

It was with great interest that I read the article in your magazine regarding [the] play behaviour among animals. [generic → no article]
Letters discussed on the 1st lesson:
Write a 280-320 word review of a well-known play or musical you have seen, focusing in particular on the interplay of themes and characterisation.