CPE course
Writing&Speaking with Ashley!
3rd lesson. Writing. Review.
Lesson timelines:

0:08 - Intro to the lesson
0:53 - Brief overview of the writing criteria of the Review
2:35 - Review pitfalls
6:00 - Lesson plan
7:00 - Breakout room practice task
9:13 - Practice task recap
9:38 - Breakout room practice
33:25 - Ashley's feedback
Key points.
  1. Showcase your creativity and linguistic range.
  2. Talk about something you know well/are passionate about.
Communicative Achievement: when you write about a show/performance you know well, you often forget to make what is 100% clear in your mind transparent to your reader. Always assume the reader does not know your show/performance. (in other words, don't talk about a character/concept without introducing said character/concept first).

Example: Charles played a pivotal part in the plot [x - if you have not mentioned Charles before]
Charles, the butler of Hill Manor, was instrumental in the denouement of the plot.

Language: Reviews and articles allow you to showcase your linguistic knowledge but they also allow for you to a. Write in an unnecessarily convoluted way b. Introduce inaccurate language/crazy collocations.
  1. All content is relevant to the task.
  2. Target reader is fully informed.
  1. Demonstrates complete command of the conventions of the communicative task.
  2. Communicates complex ideas in an effective and convincing way, holding the target reader's attention with ease, fulfilling all communicative purposes.
Text is organised impressively and coherently using a wide range of cohesive devices and organisational patterns with complete flexibility.
  1. Uses a wide range of vocabulary, including less common lexis, with fluency, precision, sophistication and style.
  2. Use of grammar must be sophisticated, fully controlled and completely natural.
  3. Any inaccuracies occur only as slips.
Reviews discussed on the 3rd lesson:
Write an essay summarising the key points in the two texts in exercise 3 (see Writing Workout 3) and give opinions on them.
You should include your own ideas.
Your answer should be 240-280 words.