CPE course
Writing&Speaking with Ashley!
4th lesson.
Speaking monologue.
Lesson timelines:

0:08 - Intro to the lesson and lesson plan
3:00 - 1 task - vocabulary
3:53 - Breakout room practice task
4:16 - Breakout room practice
32:05 - Ashley's feedback
35:30 - 2 task 2 min monologue in flip grid
41:28 - Q/A
Warm Up
1. Describe the best live event you have ever been in as much detail as possible.
2. What are the drawbacks and perks of being a touring performer?
3. In your opinion, are concerts best in stadiums or clubs? Why?
4. The opera is known for being a high-brow musical experience. Do you think this is outdated snobbery or do you believe that this genre deserves its superiority? Why?
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to a live concert vs watching a recorded live performance on YouTube?
6. What is the appeal of musicals and why do they tend to be so divisive (=people either love them or hate them)?
7. How can the arts improve our mental health?
8. What connection, if any, do you think there is between drugs and music?
9. How has the way we consume the arts changed over the last few decades?
10. How do you think the way we consume the arts will evolve in the future?