CPE course
Writing&Speaking with Ashley!
7th lesson. Writing. Article.
Lesson timelines:

0:08 - Intro to the lesson and lesson plan
0:25 - Article overview
12:11 - Breakout room practice
36:36 - 2 breakout room task
36:57 - 2 breakout room practice
49:28 - Ashley's feedback
Things to bear in mind:
  1. Engage the reader.
  2. Have a personal angle.
  3. Think of your audience (where will this be published?
    This will determine whether the piece is formal, semi-formal, informal) → rubric
  4. Think of your purpose (is it to persuade, compare, advise, suggest?)
  5. Organise your ideas clearly.
  6. Don't forget your title! Essential in articles.
Points raised and their clarity
(Organisation and CA)
[D] purpose, experience, safety [for both vehicles] - more descriptive (pros and cons - 3 points)

[L] motorbike (+) power, style, boasting (-) cost, maintenance, manual transmissions scooter (+) agility, maneuverability, fuel efficiency (-) storage capacity, wheelbase stability, manoeuvrability [vehicles assessed separately] - more descriptive (pros and cons - 6 points)

[E] [only presented scooter] - more persuasive - only pros of scooter, trying to convince you to purchase

Does the author give a clear personal angle?
[D] to some degree while remaining objective
[L] remains more neutral
[E] does this explicitly throughout, stating a markedly subjective opinion
More notes and clear support on how to write an article.
Articles discussed on the 7th lesson:
Imagine you were sent on Good Design using DTP by the company you work for. Write a 280-320 word report on the course for your boss. Make up any information you need.