Chronotypes & the Science of Sleep (upper B2-C1) adults or teens

A workbook about the importance of sleep for your health, and the different chronotypes, or sleep patterns. Suitable for adults or teens at upper B2 or C1 level.


Cover page
1 = Links to relevant media
2 = Warm up - a discussion about sleep habits in yourself and others
3 = Vocabulary from the article and video. You can ask students to learn this ahead of the lesson and then play a guessing game, where one student describes a word and the others guess it
4 = Discussion prompts & questions regarding the video about the benefits of sleep and detriments of sleep deprivation
5 = Discussion prompts & questions regarding the article about individual’s sleeping patterns
6 = Extra exercise - discover your own chronotyp

Автор: Melanie Mallory

Возраст: Взрослые

Возраст: Подростки

Уровень: B2

Уровень: C1

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