City Design & Walkability (B2-C1)

A workbook about city design & how walkability impacts quality of living. Share your perspectives on what city design should be for people walking as well as driving. Suitable for adults or teens at upper B2 or C1 level.


Cover page

1 = Links to relevant media

2 = Warm up discussion questions

3 = Vocabulary from the article and video. You can ask students to learn this ahead of the lesson and then play a guessing game, where one student describes a word and the others guess it

4 = Discussion prompts & questions regarding the video, “Why City Design is Important”

5 = Discussion prompts & questions regarding the video “Superblocks”

6 = Wrap up - optional discussion questions

Автор: Melanie Mallory

Возраст: Взрослые

Уровень: B2

Уровень: C1

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