Dating (B1-B2)

Арт. w358
A workbook about relationships, dating and marriage for B1/B2. Can be a little awkward for teenagers but still designed to be appropriate for use with teen speaking clubs!
1 = vocabulary from the article and video. You can ask students to learn this ahead of the lesson and then play a guessing game, where one student describes a word and the others guess it, to start the lesson
2 = A discussion about dating, online dating and dating apps, marriage, and culture
3 = A selection of quotes - some nice and some funny - about love, dating and marriage. Students can choose their favourite and debate whether they agree or disagree with the statements
4 = An article about the enigma of love and why people love each other, followed by discussion on types of love and what love might be
5 = An audio about how women are no longer taking their husband's name, followed by a discussion around marriage and patriarchy, changing marriage traditions, and whether or not marriage is outdated
6 = A collection of memes around dating and love for a little humour and discussion at the end of the lesson

Автор: Gwyneth Jones

Уровень: B1

Уровень: B2

Возраст: Взрослые

Возраст: Подростки

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