Cities Countryside (B1-B2)

Арт. w357
Do you prefer living in the city or the countryside? This conversation book is suitable for teens or adults at B1-B2 level. 
1 = vocabulary from the article and video. You can ask students to learn this ahead of the lesson and then play a guessing game, where one student describes a word and the others guess it, to start the lesson
2 = A discussion about cities, towns, the countryside, and a chance for students to talk about where they live
3 = An article about how children raised near green spaces have higher IQs and a discussion about green spaces and access to nature
4 = A video about what makes the perfect city, leading to a discussion about the ideal city, cities of the future, smart cities, and the importance of sustainability in city design 
5 = A series of pictures of real and fictional cities for open discussion

Автор: Gwyneth Jones

Уровень: B1

Уровень: B2

Возраст: Взрослые

Возраст: Подростки

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