Fast Fashion (B2-C1)

A workbook about fast fashion! ?

Historical dressmaker and YouTuber Bernadette Banner offers an interesting historical perspective on the current state of fashion, and how things were further back in the past. She compares how people used to treat fashion, with how we consume clothing today.

Have a look as well at an article to read a overview of some of the more serious consequences of the current fashion industry, and discussion questions centered around individual actions we can take.

Suitable for adults or teens at upper B2 or C1 level.


Cover page

1 = Links to relevant media

2 = Warm up - a discussion about fashion in general

3 = Vocabulary from the article and video. One student describes a word and the others guess it.

4 = Discussion prompts & questions regarding the video

6 = Discussion prompts & questions regarding the article

6 = Wrap up - optional exercise questions

Автор: Melanie Mallory

Возраст: Взрослые

Уровень: B2

Уровень: C1

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