Life Without Technology (B1-B2) adults or teens

A workbook where students are asked to imagine a world without technology!

Suitable for children, teens or adults from B1-B2 level.


1 = Vocabulary and ice-breaking questions

2 = Discussion about technology in general, the future of technology and its potential dangers

3 = Link to article about how life was different before the Internet. Discussion around what life would be like without the internet or social media

4 = Role-play/imagination exercise = students are given a selection of items and have to discuss how they will organise and run their 'village'!

5 = Video discussion - a video about a couple who live every day as if they are in Victorian times. Discussion about romanticising the past.

6 = Debate - various discussion questions around the topic of life without technology

7 = Meme discussion - amusing memes about life without technology

Автор: Gwyneth Jones

Возраст: Подростки

Уровень: B2

Уровень: C1

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